Hello! My name is Sam Borick, and I’m a developer who speaks business. I’ve been building mobile apps since I was in high school. I got my start building production mobile apps when I started my first company, HungerPerks. That experience taught me that the most important thing about apps isn’t the software, it’s the understanding.

What Do I do?

Lots of stuff, like:

Help people learn programming with projects

You knew that already! All the info is at The Homepage.

Help people pick a programming language

That’s at PickAFramework.com

Simple Mobile Applications

Not all apps have to be complicated. Do you just need an app that gives your customers some useful information offline? Do you need something that asks them questions and sends you their answers?

You can read all about simple apps at Pepware.io. Reach out today and see if simple apps are right for you!

Software Consulting

I also software consulting! I’ve got a whole ‘nother (suspiciously similar) about page over at Pepware