Welcome to The Weekly Project Club

Are you trying to level up your programming skills?

Are you looking for direction?

Do you feel lost in an ocean of your own ideas? Are you having trouble following through with the goals you set yourself?

What if you had:

  • Small achievable goals
  • Realistic problems to solve
  • Someone who keeps you accountable
  • Delivered to your inbox every week?

Introducing, The Weekly Project Club.

Every week you’ll get a description of a problem you can solve with less than 10 hours of coding. We’ll follow up with you and give you advice to keep you on track.

Think about all the things you could accomplish if you built something small every single week. You could:

  • Keep learning and improve your skills
  • Get better at solving real world problems
  • Challenge yourself and grow as a developer
  • Build more things

Get started for free and start building

Project Descriptions go out every Monday.

Want to learn more? Read about How It Works.